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Another batch of icons, these from the Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon cd jackets & booklets.

15 Arashi Icons

[2] Aiba
[2] Jun
[2] Nino
[2] Ohno
[2] Sho
[1] Jun/Ohno
[4] Sho/Nino


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Some of these I love, and others I absolutely hate. I don't know, I'm giving up for now before I get completely frustrated.

More playing with coloring.

30 Icons (Arashi)



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An icon post, which is really mostly me playing with coloring. ^__^ There are more of Aiba and less of Ohno simply because I've been neglecting Aiba in icons and doing an abundance of Ohno lately.



over here @ [community profile] sonokotoba


May. 4th, 2009 01:15 pm
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Welcome to the first JE Graphics community on Dreamwidth! :D

★ rules ★
☆ This is a community for JE icons only. If you're cross-posting, other icons are allowed in your post, but the previews have to be JE ONLY. Graphics other than icons can be posted here, but a majority of the graphics in the post should be icons.
☆ Each post is allowed to have a maximum of three graphics outside of a cut. All images larger than 300 px in width or height must also be placed under a cut. If you don't know how to cut your entry, please read this
☆ Be respectful towards all members of this community. Flaming will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Most graphic makers welcome constructive criticism, but do not be unnecessarily harsh.
☆ TAGS. Use them. If you want your posts to be tagged, tag them for yourself. I won't do it. This may seem harsh, but I don't have the time to tag your posts for you. A list of available tags can be found in this post. If you think a new tag needs to be added, comment at that post or leave a note at the bottom of your post and I'll add it for you. :)
☆ Please be courteous and credit the makers. It's not that hard and it makes the iconmakers happy.
☆ If you have any problems with a member or see something that needs to be brought to my attention, please let me know. I'd like to keep this community drama-free.

★ tags ★
☆ !mod post
☆ *friends only banners
☆ *icons
☆ *layouts
☆ *moodthemes
☆ a.b.c.
☆ arashi
☆ b.a.d.
☆ golf & mike
☆ hey! say! jump!
☆ ikuta toma
☆ j. j. express
☆ jdrama
☆ johnny's jr
☆ kanjani8
☆ kat-tun
☆ kinki kids
☆ kis-my-ft2
☆ news
☆ question?
☆ smap
☆ tackey & tsubasa
☆ tegomass
☆ tokio
☆ uchi hiroki
☆ v6
☆ ya-ya-yah

★ affiliates ★
[community profile] arashi
[community profile] jefiction
[community profile] je_news
[community profile] jent_news
[community profile] kanjani8
[community profile] kat_tun
[community profile] smap
[community profile] tegomass

Please leave a comment at this post if you would like to affiliate with [community profile] je_icons.


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